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Fresh. Insightful. Provocative. Beneficial. These are some of the words that describe the sort of books Aadeon Publishing Company seeks to publish.

Every year thousands of books are published. Some are for entertainment, education, self-development, business concerns and so forth. Many of these books lack depth and are superficial in nature, others bear the marks of value and quality--Aadeon Publishing strives for the later.

As Aadeon continues to develop, our primary goal is to make a profound impact on the lives of those investing their time and money in our books. We believe it is our responsibility to make every book a book of value and worth.

Aadeon also strives to present books with topics that are relative to the needs of today's world. We believe books can be one of the most effective ways of sharing life-changing topics to people of all ages and backgrounds.

If wrestling with deep issues like modern culture, morality, ethics, spirituality and the like are of interest to you, Aadeon is the publisher for you!

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Barriers and Bridges is a biblical guide to understanding impairments, afflictions, and suffering within today's world.

Each of us will experience some sort of physical impairment, affliction or suffering, or love someone who will. Don't wait until it touches your life--be prepared.

Retail price $12.95 Our price $9.72 ISBN 0-9759070-0-X


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